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We have a great inventory of used and refurbished devices for sale.

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We’re committed to your satisfaction. All repairs come with an excellent warranty.

About Us

Who We Are

Content: About Us

We are a locally owned and operated smartphone repair shop specializing in the immediate professional repair of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets for many manufacturers.

Same Day Repairs

We know how important your smartphone and tablet is to you. That is why 99% of the time, we can have your phone repaired and back in your hands the same day.

Our Mission

We only use top quality brand name parts in our repairs. We do this because when we fix your device, we want it to stay fixed!

What We Do

Professional Service

We take pride in what we do. And what we do best is restore your device back to its original condition. With us, you are guaranteed a professional, original quality repair. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Online Quotes

Now repairing your device is much easier with our online quote feature. Simply click the Get Instant Quote button and select your device. This ensures that you receive an accurate repair quote for your exact device and issue.


You can rest easy when you have your device repaired with us. We offer a warranty on all our repairs and devices we have for sale. So rest assured if something is out of the ordinary after your repair, we will take care of it for you free of charge. Restrictions may apply

While You Wait Repairs

Time is money. And our personal electronics are used in almost every aspect of our life. We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality. Count on us to get your device back to you in no time.

What our customers are saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

gina m
gina m
I was in Vancouver visiting my family and my iPad screen was cracked. I stopped in to get a quote and was expecting a pretty high price as I do find Vancouver prices are quite a bit higher than in Ontario. What a pleasant surprise with the price and amazing service My iPad was ready in 24 hours and the prices was amazing. Thank you Chris for your professional service.
David Scott
David Scott
Super helpful. Good option for us: only wanted SIM for one month visit to Canada.
Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan
My iPhone 8's battery needed replacement. Vancouver Battery (where I buy a lot of batteries but who doesn't do cell phones) had recommended EJ Cell Phone repair so I took it there. EJ Cell Phone Repair replaced the battery and had the phone working properly again within the two hours they said they would. Excellent service - and I am very grateful!
Delores Nickel
Delores Nickel
Appreciate all of the work they put into my phone. Very happy with their service.
Robert Shore
Robert Shore
Excellent service. Friendly and helpful. Replaced a broken screen and Transferred data to a new phone. Good price. Now have a backup phone that I thought was junk. Highly recommend them.
Constança Sousa
Constança Sousa
Love this place. Have been here various times (They are my go-to) and the service is always exceptional. They are very quick with diagnoses, prices are not very expensive and they also very kind and professional. I just got my keyboard fixed and not only did they figure out a cheaper solution for me they also replaced my bumpers without me asking. Absolutely amazing - highly recommend!
lisa ahern
lisa ahern
Got my iPhone XR screen fixed and it is like new now. Great job done, I would highly recommend.

EJ Cellphone Repair: 100% Reliable Repair Service At Low Cost 

When mobile devices started acting up, most people think it’s about time to purchase a brand new one. If you do that, be ready to spend hundreds of dollars here and there. Why not try visiting tech repair shops? At least you can save up and see electronic devices repaired at no time. 

Guess what? We hate to see customers lining up so our repairs are done quickly. 

EJ Cellphone Repair is a company in Vancouver, BC that does electronic device repair at low prices. We’re one of the leading tech repair shops in the industry today. 

Unlocking Services 

At EJ Cellphone Repair, we totally get it when customers want to unlock SIM cards. If you want to sell a mobile phone or switch service provider, then taking advantage of our unlocking services is a good solution for you. Currently, our certified technicians only provide this service to customers subscribing to US and Canadian service providers. 

iPhone and Samsung Repairs 

Unable to hear the person on your iPhone? Simply check the settings and adjust them. If you encounter the same problem again, then it is best to take your mobile phone to our repair shop. Here at EJ Cellphone Repair, we check everything from speakers, phone settings, and earpieces. Our techs never assume because they properly diagnose every tech problem on their plate. After careful diagnosis, we’ll let you know when a replacement is required. Don’t worry, the repair costs are still lower than buying a new device.  

When it comes to Samsung repairs, EJ Cellphone Repair techs can support various Galaxy series since they were trained to navigate apps that are running on the Android platform. 

Got issues with back and home buttons on a Samsung device? 

Our staff knows how to repair all that. You’ll be surprised that they’re fixed on the same day. 

iPad and Tablet Repairs 

If you have storage and data restoration issues, EJ Cellphone Repair can properly back up sensitive data and restore some information without affecting the performance of iPads and tablets at your home. Our techs can guarantee that speed won’t be affected as well. 

Computer Repairs 

At EJ Cellphone Repair, we support different types of laptop computers. Whether you’re a Surface Pro or MacBook user, our people know the drill when it comes to Windows and iOS operating systems. If you want to configure some settings on your current platform, we don’t recommend that. Let our guys help you using their tech expertise. 

Gaming Console Repairs

Yes, we are repairing gaming consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Take them to us for repair so you’ll enjoy playing new games the next day. At EJ Cellphone Repair, our service is fast and reliable. 

If you want to schedule an appointment with one of our certified service techs, please fill out the form or simply call us at 604-565-3323. We’re happy to assist you, so let us know whenever you have problems with every mobile device. Our techs can help! 

Visit EJ Cellphone Repair at: 

2934 West Broadway 

Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8